Plan Management Process

Once you choose Kirinari as your Plan Manager we will send you a link to our electronic service agreement to sign and ask you to email a copy of your NDIS plan to [email protected]

Receive your welcome pack

Your participant welcome pack is emailed to you. Have a read through this handbook and our welcome letter to understand how we work with you to make paying NDIS bills a breeze.

Download the App

A separate “Welcome to GoodHuman” email is sent to you to enter your user name and password. This will allow you to track your spending and view your invoices easily. Our app guide has instructions to follow.

Get Started

Invoices can be emailed, text or posted to us for payment straight from you or your provider. We then process your invoice and payment.


Your providers will create an invoice that outlines what they are charging for supports or services they have provided. It’s important that you know what to check to ensure you’re being charged the right amount. Make sure you have a copy of the service agreement you signed with the provider, as it will outline what they agreed to charge your plan.

If one of your trusted providers sends us an invoice, it’s automatically approved and the payment is processed. If the provider is not on your trusted provider list, an email is sent to you for approval. Once approved the payment is processed.

Remember, we can’t process the payment until you approve it. If you have any questions about the invoice you can contact the provider directly or give us a call on 1300 547 462

New plan renewals

When you receive a new NDIS plan, just email us a copy. You won’t need to sign a new service agreement unless you ticked NO to our plan management continuity section in our service agreement. If that’s the case, we will email out an updated agreement for you to sign.

What Next?

Call us and one of our expert plan managers will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Phone:            1300 547 462 / 02 6056 2111
Email:             [email protected]