Care Finder

Learn about, apply for and set up support services with expert guidance. Find out how you can use Care Finder – a helpful service designed to assist vulnerable older people.

    • Accessible and inclusive care

      Our goal is to help older people who might not be connected to the health system. We are here to support and help you understand and use My Aged Care. We provide guidance and explain how the care assessment process works. This means we connect you with services that can help, like aged care services and other community supports.

    • Continuous support

      Once we connect you with the services you need, we don’t stop there, we check in regularly. It’s important that we continue caring for you to ensure your needs are met over time. This way, you feel supported and know that someone is always looking out for you. We believe in taking care of people not just once but for as long as they need our help.

    Finding the help you need

    Elderly Mother receive in-home care via care finder service


    • Complete this form to enquire or refer someone to this service

    • Read more about the Care Finder service

    • Download our Healthy ageing services brochure

    • Read more about your privacy

    • Read more about your rights and responsibilities

    • Submit compliments, feedback and complaints

    • Visit the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website

    • Find out more about accessing aged care services

    Looking for a local service provider?

    We know how important it is to find the right support. Our caring and qualified team is here to help. They’ll work with you, your family, and other professionals to provide the support you need.

    We deliver care finder services in Western NSW.

    We do not currently deliver this service in Tasmania.

    We do not currently deliver this service in Victoria.

    We do not currently deliver this service in Tasmania.

    We do not currently provide this service in South Australia

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