Privacy statement

Kirinari Community Services (Kirinari) collects personal information to conduct its business and meet its legislative obligations.
This statement describes our commitment to keeping your personal information private. It also explains why we collect your information, what information we keep, and how we will use, share, and protect your information.

What personal information does Kirinari collect?

We collect personal information that helps us understand what services you need and to plan the best care with you.

What personal information does Kirinari keep on record?

Any information you share with us may be kept. This includes:

Who will use this information?

The people involved in your care with use your information to ensure you receive the best care for your personal circumstances.

Sharing your information

We will only give your information to other services or providers if you tell us it’s okay.

Your information will be used by Kirinari to report to those who fund us and meet any legal requirements.

There are some circumstances when Kirinari is required by law to share your information. This includes cases of

legal action under a court order, investigations into child abuse or neglect, and situations where you are at risk of hurting yourself or another person.

How does Kirinari protect personal information

Kirinari will:

How to look at your records

You can legally ask to see your health records.

If you would like to access your health records, please contact:

Quality and Compliance Officer
Kirinari Community Services
L1 Northpoint Tower
366 Griffith Road
Lavington NSW 2641