Kirinari’s Support Coordinators
are now accepting referrals
in Tasmania

Kirinari’s Support Coordinators will support you, your carers/guardians and your overall support network to:

> understand your plan and maximise the support you need
> using a strengths-based, recovery orientated approach, assist in navigating complex mental health systems to support your specific needs
> identify service providers that will meet your needs
> make contact with support service providers
> liaise with the ndia on your behalf
> obtain quotes for the services you require to ensure fair and reasonable pricing
> develop your skills, capability and resilience
> prepare for your next ndis plan review.

Our skilled team can provide support for a range of ages – all the way early childhood to NDIS participants over the age of 65

Get in touch with our local team to find out more.
How does Kirinari coordinate support?

Our main goal is to offer a person-centred, customer-driven approach to your support needs, with a key focus on NDIS and mainstream support, as well as community, cultural and family access. 

We seek to understand your needs, goals and aspirations and work with you to build a support team that is focused on identifying and addressing any potential barriers to success. 

Once your support team is set up, we stay on the journey with you to ensure that we monitor for bumps along the way, whilst strengthening your ability to coordinate and manage the support services in place. 

If required, we will navigate any crisis situations with you and support long-term sustainable resolutions. 

At Kirinari, we pride ourselves on staying close to you and working with you to seek improvement on the support you receive, getting you closer to achieving your goals and life achievements.