Kirinari unveils a dynamic new look

Kirinari unveils a dynamic new look to reflect our expanded services

There aren’t many organisations like us. We’re immersed in communities far and wide, and we’ve always been proud of our modest beginnings. Back in the 1980s, a dedicated team developed the first iteration of our services and the first leased house opened with just four residents. There’s a lot about those early years that is still instilled 33 years on – the recognition of needs and support, and the belief in making a difference that started a journey of providing support to people in their home, work and community.

Kirinari’s rebrand reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering a good life that goes beyond the basics of food and housing, focusing on joy, fulfillment, and a strong sense of community. It also reflects our diversification into a broader range of human services. 

What does the rebrand mean for Kirinari customers?

Our brand will start to look different over the coming months as we gradually update our digital platforms, building signage and marketing materials. This transformation is designed to be both cost-effective and eco-friendly, so you can expect the transition to take place gradually over the next 6-12 months. 

One big change you might have already noticed is our brand-new website! We’ve put accessibility at the forefront of its design to ensure that everyone can easily navigate and enjoy the experience. Curious to see what’s new? Read our blog all about it here. 

Despite the fresh look, rest assured that from a practical standpoint, nothing will disrupt your experience with Kirinari. You’ll still be supported by the same friendly local teams, and all our contact details will remain unchanged.

Got questions or just want to learn more about these exciting updates?

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