Child Safe Statement of Commitment

Everyone at Kirinari Community Services Ltd (Kirinari) commits to safeguarding children’s rights by providing an engaging culture and a safe environment. This commitment to give each child the ability to reach their full potential is enshrined in our organisational values:

Our values, systems and processes are designed to empower and protect all children and young people accessing our services. We set clear standards and professional boundaries to ensure we act with integrity, purpose and with every child and young person’s best interest in all that we do.

Our communication is open, honest and transparent when supporting children and young people, their families, and their guardians/advocates to ensure that we continuously adapt and improve our supports.

Our culture encourages all children and young people to voice their opinions and to let us know if something is not right or doesn’t feel right for them. Our recruitment and ongoing employment is focussed on the engagement of staff with the appropriate skill, knowledge, and background, and who are committed to the values of child safety and wellbeing. This is underpinned in policy and supported through on-going training and education.

Kirinari integrates protections into both the physical and electronic environments we provide for children and young people, who have a right to feel safe and secure in receiving our services. We ensure all children and young people feel welcome and are informed of their rights and responsibilities. It is important that rights and responsibilities are understood and can be engaged in by the child or the young person.

We advocate for children and young people to be involved in the decision-making environment affecting their care and that of their peers. This is an important contributor to how we grow Kirinari and place our care of children and young people at the centre of our decision making.

We are transparent with the community about how we operate as a child safe organisation.

Kirinari does not accept any behaviour that fails to meet our values and these ideals.

Kirinari Community Services Ltd makes the following commitment to you:

  1. We will do everything possible to make you feel welcomed and safe in our care.
  2. We will inform you of, and discuss, your rights and responsibilities.
  3. That your voice will be heard and inform the decisions relating to your care.
  4. We will actively listen and act when something doesn’t feel right to you.
  5. We will inform you of, and discuss, our processes for complaints and hear your suggestions on how we can improve.
  6. We will encourage and support you to build relationships; and
  7. We will do everything possible to maintain the protections and safety of our physical and electronic environments.